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Welcome to Tranceforming

Welcome to Tranceforming NLP, created by Nick Kemp and Tina Taylor, where you can discover the amazing benefits of NLP as originally taught by its creator Dr Richard Bandler. We are registered with The Society of NLP and provide a complete range of NLP courses, NLP cds and dvds and invaluable resources for your enjoyment and interest!
Nick Kemp and Tina Taylor are both licensed by Dr. Bandler to train others in the art of NLP and have extensive personal experience of assisting him on numerous seminars over the years. On this website you can begin to find out how NLP can be used as a powerful tool for personal development and enhanced wellbeing. Tranceforming NLP provide certified nlp courses in NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training Courses, Provocative Therapy workshops, Powerful Presenting, Applications of NLP, Secrets of Persuasion and Sleight of Mouth seminars .